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Kitty Lamprecht

Kitty Lamprecht has a diverse set of qualifications and experiences. All of them firmly based in neuroscience(s).

She has completed two physiotherapy degrees: BSC physio, and BSc Hon physio with the main focus on neurosurgery.

She has also completed two degrees in Industrial psychology as well as a number of diplomas in coaching; including Neurosciences based coaching, positive constructivism coaching as well as The Neurobiology of Sleep: Learning how to learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects.

Most recently she went to Germany to complete a basic and advanced course in Neurofeedback and to get  accredited.

She is currently busy with her Masters in physiotherapy with the main focus of her study being on the effect of neurofeedback on post concussion syndrome.

She is in full time practise in a spinal and neuro rehabilitation practise working closely with neurosurgeon, Dr Deon Lamprecht,  as well as with other surgeons on vestibular rehabilitation.

A part-time lecturer at TSIBA university Kitty teaches students the hero’s journey in order to help them develop themselves and their personal mastery to help them reach their full potential.
She has also given numerous talks at UWC, the Creative Teacher’s conference and on Cape Talk.
Kitty Lamprecht - Vitae Equilibre | Finding Balance