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Brain Rehabilitation


Brain Rehabilitation after any brain injury or surgery is aimed at restoring function – Neurofeedback as a new modality is aimed at helping the brain to restore it own self regulation in order to control the rest of the body. This is a unique add on to neuro rehabilitation. It is important to note that since the brain controls muscles – neuro rehabilitation is different to other forms of exercise or rehabilitation.

Possible problems to address in rehabilitation:

Brain injury can cause the patient to be either spastic (increase in muscle tone) or flacid (no muscle tone) this should be addressed before any movement can be regained.

Motor problems

If there is injury in the motor area of the brain then rehabilitation is aimed at trying to re establish the brains control of the muscles. This can be the result of a stroke, brain tumor, brain injury or a bleeding.

Injury to the motor control area of the brain can affect one side of the body for instance the left arm and leg or just one limb. This will affect the tone of the limb and the ability to perform any movement or just some movement.

Hemispatial neglect happens when the brain fail to recognise one side of the body. This is not a conscious act but the person is totally unaware of the side.

Brain Rehabilitation - Vitae Equilibre | Finding Balance
Brain Rehabilitation - Vitae Equilibre | Finding Balance

Balance and coordination problems occurs when a patient had damaged to the cerebellum or the Vestibular system in the inner ear.

Vestibular problems can occur with brains tumors like vestibular schwannoma (tumor that grows on the vestibular nerve) or even in people with vertigo.  In some cases the symptoms can be so severe that people vomit the moment they turn their head or even just their eyes. These people need vestibular rehabilitation wich in many cases mean that you stimulate exactly that which makes them nauseous.

In cerebellar damaged people have a problem with balance and coordination of movements. To stretch out and safely lift a cup to your mouth without spilling and not put it in your eye, you need proper coordination and control. Rehabilitation is aimed at regaining those functions and integrating the two hands to work together.

Brain Rehabilitation - Vitae Equilibre | Finding Balance