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A coach was used to transport a person of importance to a place of their choosing.

Coaching is in essence the same thing. It is to help a person to achieve a goal of their choosing. Goals must always be the coachee’s choice and the coach gives instruction and exercises to help reach that goal.

It is important to note that any change in behavior takes practise and can sometimes be difficult. It is therefore something that need some practical work to achieve on a long term.

Coaching is helpful for managers that need to grow into a more executive role or executives or company owners that need to develop skills to achieve better efficiency.

Coaching is also helpful in developing yourself as a person or a parent. It can help parent to raise their children with their whole brain in mind and help them develop a healthy behavior.

Most of my coaching is based on the neurosciences, how the brain developed, how memories are formed and therefore how it has influenced the structure of your brain and your behaviour. It is important to understand how to integrate the different hemispheres,  the executive part of the brain as well as the emotional side. A clear understanding of implicit and explicit memories and how to change them enables us to change behavior but also to be flexible in our dealing with others.

Different types of coaching being used:

  • Integral coaching
  • Neurosciences coaching
  • Positive constructivism
  • Nancy Klines’ Time to think